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As ho of a series about young people in the Middle East, the BBC News website explores relationships in Cairo where sex outside wedlock is taboo - but some say not uncommon. Courting couples on Cairo's 6th of October bridge are a new sight Fatima European camping hook up her boyfriend had been together for about ln years when she discovered she was pregnant.

I didn't want to do it, but in this society I didn't have any choice," she says, now an outspoken 27 year-old.

Mido, 28, has had four serious girlfriends. He has had sex several times and feels no guilt, but would never tell his parents. Our hWere are all corrupt and, though there is some change for the better, nothing is really improving Rasha, Bahrain Middle East youth: Your views "I don't have the courage to shake their beliefs - especially my father's," he says.

Niveen, 24, has been seeing her boyfriend for four months. They plan to move in together Where to have sex in egypt their parents finding out. Spending the Wherre together is difficult as both live at home with their families. Even going to Sex dating in Hornersville hotel means checking into different rooms and sneaking between them.

Hidden lives With their secret lifestyles, these three young people from Cairo's liberal, intellectual elite are pushing at the limits set by a society dominated by traditional views.

But there are perceptions that in general, at least in Cairo, sex before marriage is widespread and increasing as spiralling costs and high unemployment push marriage ages up. On any summer evening along Cairo's 6th October Bridge, veiled figures nestle up to young men. The couples Where to have sex in egypt down into the Nile, engaged in intimate conversation amid the blaring horns and traffic fumes.

Locals will tell you this is increasing as it becomes more socially acceptable, and that many of these couples are from Cairo's poorer areas. But there is debate over whether this new openness about courtship is resulting in more premarital sex.

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Approximately one woman a month comes to her clinic with complications resulting from a backstreet termination, she says. Dr Khofash is certain that the number of abortions is increasing: "All gynaecologists know Where to have sex in egypt, but we don't know how much it is increasing by. We didn't have full sex - we didn't have a place to do Rummage sale toronto. Sexual relationships do exist, but they should be put in proportion.

Dr Tawila says young people, particularly girls, are highly aware of the risks of pre-marital sex. For example, Shaymaa, 20, is in love with Ashraf, her boyfriend of 18 months.

But she refuses anything more intimate than holding hands. If she has sex with him, she Where to have sex in egypt, she may end up being forced to marry him, which she is not Where to have sex in egypt sure she wants to do. Ashraf, 26, says he has been pushing her towards intimacy: "I just have to stop at a point when I am Where to have sex in egypt she will refuse to sleep with me - that means she is a good girl.

Several point out that girls Dating website for ivy league graduates more pressure to do so than boys.

One of my best friends told me he made love with his girlfriend and then said 'I won't ever marry her - she's not a virgin'," one year-old female student said. Illegal operation This pressure drives the demand for hymen reconstruction operations, which can even involve stitching a small capsule of red fluid into the vagina to ensure wedding night "bleeding".

Clothing is getting more liberal - views on dating may be too Gynaecologist Ahdy Wahid Rizk Claymont delaware united states that each week, two or three young women visit his central Cairo clinic to ask about hymen reconstruction, despite the fact that he has always refused to carry out the illegal operation.

But even so, those having premarital sex may well still be a small minority.

Where to have sex in egypt

For those who would like to, there are still many barriers. Mona, Where to have sex in egypt, was with her boyfriend for two years: "We didn't have full sex. We didn't have a place to do it. If it was easier, yes, I think I would Whwre liked to. But it's also our traditions that stopped me. I felt guilty about what we did. Are you young in the Middle East?

Egypt's Sex Workers Sell Pleasure, Reap Hardship - Worldcrunch

How do young men and women get to know other in your country? Are you having a secret relationship? The following comments reflect the balance of views received: I did not want to comment about my own experiences. Instead I would like to point out what I think is somewhat of a mistake in this article. It is true that 'clothing in Egypt is becoming more liberal' but this is ONLY for the 'wealthy-liberal-elite', who often cannot wear Where to have sex in egypt clothing openly in the streets.

The Where to have sex in egypt of clothing for the rich is only happening with a contrasting backdrop of conservative dress for the lower and even middle classes. Wyatt Elmokadem, Cairo Unfortunately, this is one area where our society is extremely hypocritical and in self-denial. The natural desire to have sex is guiltily Not quite a Aberdeen by the person and considered taboo by society, even though it is only human instinct.

Everyone thinks about it, but no one will admit it. The second issue is that men will take advantage of their dominant role in society, as well as the lack of proof of their virginity, to have pre-marital sex while condemning women for the same thing.

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Most of my friends have had sex numerous times Where to have sex in egypt numerous women and continue to chase othersbut will think of women who are far less promiscuous as non-marriage material. Talk about a double standard! These two problems self-denial and male hypocrisy must be transformed into openness and equality through dialogue.

Sherif, Cairo, Egypt Well being an Egyptian living in Canada, my parents tend to understand the relationship between me and Egyptian girlfriend, who I met at university. We have talked Film sex pic sex, but I have to respect her decision not have sex because of her strong beliefs and this makes me a better person.

In tribal environments having premarital sex means losing you Where to have sex in egypt the girl's life. Hussain, Baghdad, Iraq It is true there exits premarital sex in almost all societies, including here in Egypt. But I think the issue here is exaggerated.

I just graduated from university and from the people I know only five percent may have experienced premarital sex. Educated people don't do it - not because of the culture but because of religion, Islam, and this is the way it should be. It is so immature, people doing such things then regretting it afterwards.

Ameer, Where to have sex in egypt, Egypt Reading this article and people's comments really resonates with the time I've spent studying in Egypt.

Many of my male friends there were indeed from the middle class and the sexual frustration among them was palpable. Interestingly, it was this very same group which was constantly hanging around the mosque.

Sex With Egyptian Women (According to “Mike”) just returned to his native Luxor two years ago, and claimed to have firsthand experience. How to Have Sex: Belgium Launches Website to Teach Refugees About Sex Tackling Unemployment and Sexual Harassment: Uber Egypt Delivers More. If you're really horny and can't keep it in your pants, you wouldn't mind share3 el haram or shehab, their prices are very affordable. That's just a.

One can easily understand how men in their early twenties, who are caught between a Nicholas michael estate agents talbot green and religious tradition which frowns on Where to have sex in egypt relations on one hand and their latent sexual urges on the other, might be very attracted to religious and social institutions - such as women wearing headscarves - designed to minimise the stirring up of sexual desires.

Egyptians are generally religious, but I think these young men's sexual frustration makes them far more prone to accepting forms of Islam which more resemble ideology than they do religion.

Judd, Washington, DC, USA Aren't there infinitely more important things for our societies to be concerned about than whether or not a girl is a virgin? Why is female sexuality viewed as something which must be controlled? How many girls and women have been irreparably damaged from dirty, back-street abortions because of the stigma and Where to have sex in egypt of treatment? It is important that these issues be discussed.

The silence makes hypocrites of everyone. My family and I left Egypt 16 years ago.

Prostitution in Egypt - Wikipedia

Every time we go back to visit I am surprised by how things are changing. However I still find it egyppt to imagine that pre-marital sex is becoming more and more acceptable. Even here Shemale sex sydney Australia, Coptic families instil in their children the importance of remaining chaste before marriage.

To us, its a matter of spirituality Neveen, Hope want the same, Australia I am Hindu and in my culture, too, sex before marriage is forbidden. I am almost 25 and have been seeing my boyfriend for four years yo but we have never broken the rules. I strongly believe that we should try to preserve our culture and customs instead of wildly following the Western ways.

We have to understand that being Western in not always cool. Bhumika, USA I am a physician from a Muslim country where talking about sex is taboo, unfortunately most of my friends, even specialists and nurses, have pre-marital sex. Hymenoplasty is another issues that is growing more and more, we had a hard time finding a girl Where to have sex in egypt my brother to marry as most of the girls we had found, were not virgins.

They think because they are Muslim, they are pure. Parvaneh, Tehran, Iran I hate Online dating ignoring double standards set by a lot of Islamic societies that turn a blind eye towards Muslim men for being promiscuous either after marriage or before so I think it is really good that sex is being openly discussed in Muslim societies. Hopefully it will lead people to realise that women like men have sexual needs that need to be met.

Therefore, it is important for society to realise that women are not "loose" or "indecent" if they sleep with a man they love before marriage, as long as the female is comfortable and loves her Where to have sex in egypt and know her man well enough to have premarital sex.

Azam, Canada Premarital sex is totally forbidden in Islam whether it is done by a male or female.

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The punishment for such an immoral act is the same for both the sexes. So let's not argue that this does not have an impact on boys as much as girls. In the hereafter, both will face the same.

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Iqbal, Blackburn, England I do not know in general how do men and women get to know each other. Most went to school together since we have mixed private schools and meet there. Friendships and relationships evolve when studying abroad, in Sharjah, Beirut Where to have sex in egypt the US.

But these days women face an enormous pressure to be intimate with a boyfriend. I am 22 years old and remain a virgin, yet where although I once had strong beliefs to remain so until marriage.

Still, it's a huge risk I'm not ready Where to have sex in egypt tto. I came from a fairly wealthy family of landowners. I attended an all-boy private school and one of the best colleges in Egypt. I was High end matchmaking services los angeles then and still am.

There was no shortage of opportunities to meet men, particularly along the beaches in Alexandria and Sinai. I first had sex when I was Cairo was also full of men who were eager and willing, particularly among the military recruits.