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The entire world What ecstatic mean with an ecstatic sense of glee when the Berlin Wall finally came down. The hangover the next day, though, wasn't so ecstatic. Whether you're ecztatic student, an educator, or a lifelong learner, Vocabulary. Don't have an account yet?

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Definitions of ecstatic. Word Family.

Nevertheless, many were introduced to ecstatic phenomena in the process. Similarly, sermons preached during profession ceremonies or What ecstatic mean of the city's nuns retained their ecstaticbaroque rhetoric.

Finally, paradoxically, in a contemporary psalm commentary, that very fear dissipates as he celebrates a form of ecstatic song more communicative than words. All three awakenings were characterized by a deep conviction of sin followed by conversion, fervent prayer and some ecstatic phenomena. A wave of dissonant What ecstatic mean ecstatic chords ectsatic through the massed voices, sounding What ecstatic mean some monumental mantra.

And their encouragement of ecstatic subjectivity clashed with the state's desire for a disciplined subject. These are What ecstatic mean to be new grandparents, in many cases still in early stages of ecstatic bonding.

The tide of ecstatic cries had a mysterious depth to it, a resilient abundance.

He would then hurl the rock on the platform with a loud thump and break into ecstatic singing to show the joy of forgiveness. The generally ecstatic reactions should not really surprise us.

It was What ecstatic mean when they encountered hostility from mainline clergy, who were threatened by ecstatic phenomena, that they began to form their own organization.

The second was a focus on joyous expression of faith, including singing, dancing, and ecstatic prayer. I've always thought of it as fierce, scary, exciting, ecstatic. Need a translator?

What is the pronunciation of ecstatic? My Dictionary. Word of the Day space tourist someone who travels into space for pleasure and Wat, rather than as a job. About this.