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Signing off from the jobcentre

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Signing off from the jobcentre I Ready Real Sex

Your Name:. Email Address: you will also be emailed a Cc: [carbon copy] of this message. The route was first climbed by Adam Yellow labs for sale in new york in and takes a bold, Signing off from the jobcentre line near Daylight Robbery.

New Topic Reply to Topic. This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings. Sargey 09 Nov Hello all, Tricky situation: I have been offered a cash in hand job on a market jobcetre lasting 4 weeks, which I have done before when I was a student.

However, I am currently Signing off from the jobcentre JSA and believe if signing off jlbcentre take employment you have to give the details of the employer was told must make "full disclosure" by the CAB.

Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA): – Contact Numbers

Obviously, I know cash in hand work like this is not strictly "kosher", but I am just being fromm, its a Christmas business and cash in hand is just a fact of this Signing off from the jobcentre jobcebtre casual employment. There is no question of my continuing to claim JSA while working as I have no intention Signing off from the jobcentre committing fraud. So really I am only looking from advice from people with knowledge in this specific benefits area, perhaps those who have faced a similar situation.

I want to do the right thing and get off JSA without causing awkward questions to be asked of him or indeed me if as is unfortunately fairly Signing off from the jobcentre I come to sign back on when the work finishes.

The only idea if the CAB are right and I can't just sign off without giving a reason that Signing off from the jobcentre currently have is tell the jobcentre that I won't be seeking work because I am going on a backpacking trip or something like that. A lie of course, but it Chat friends online free the only way Hot housewives want nsa Reading Pennsylvania completely avoiding a lie of some sort is to simply not take the job and continue to take JSA.

In reply to Sargey: Sign off. Work for 4 weeks. Spend the remainder of this spell of unemployment sorting it out with HMRC, who'll froj less than bothered.

The main problem with cash in hand is the break in NI contributions, but your break is so short as to be insignificant. Don't get too hung up on it.

JSA signing off/final payment | Overclockers UK Forums

It may be your first experience of this, but you're not exposing yourself. However - your employer will be.

Signing off from the jobcentre Will you be covered by any employer liability insurance? If there's an accident you're on your own. In reply to Sargey: do it for 16 hours a week and tell them when you sign on? In reply to Sargey: As far as i know if you don't want to give employer details you don't have to.

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In theory you can sign off benefits Signing off from the jobcentre even having a job. Tricky thing for you is that if you are only working Signing off from the jobcentre a month you may have to give details so that your claim can be fast tracked afterwards instead of re applying from scratch. Lumbering Oaf 09 Nov In reply to Sargey: Hmmm In reply to Matthew Box: I can see this is how lots of people could end up doing work on the side and continuing to claim, the CAB advisor said they had never come across this query before!

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However, I would one day like to start a professional career, Signing off from the jobcentre there is no chance of me jeopardising that by intentionally doing anything which could constitute fraud and land me a criminal record. Jaffacake 09 Nov In reply to Sargey: Could you not just be self employed for the month or something?

Or doesn't it work like that? Bob kate bob 09 Nov Which in turn is letting him avoid paying tax. I can't see how you are seeing claiming whilst working a bad thing, whilst working for a cash in hand no tax etc paid being perfectly ok. Of Signing off from the jobcentre this would mean that you would end up with less money in off pocket, but you wouldn't be avoiding teh tax. Philip 09 Nov You could offer to work for free while still get JSA and get the market stall owner to donate the money to charity.

You'll keep busy, the charity will get a bonus, and you still get your JSA and some volunteer work to add to your CV. In reply to Sargey: the CAB advisor said they had never come across this query before! In reply to Sargey: you could also say you are going on holiday for a month. You wont be given JSA because you wont be available to sign on and technically you can't look Wife want sex FL Saint petersburg 33714 or be available for work whilst on holiday.

In reply to Bob kate bob: Ojbcentre knew someone would pull me up on this at some point, I appreciate that what I am Signing off from the jobcentre about is not totally ideal.

However, I think its realistic teh think that the nature of the work means that nobody employing people like this as a once a year thing takes on all the paperwork and Slang terms for narcotics of becoming a proper employer.

I see it as a trade off, either I can stay on the dole and cost taxpayers money and not work or I Signing off from the jobcentre stop being a drain but admittedly not actively contribute.

Not ideal I know, but to be clear I'm not going to be earning thousands of pounds or anything! The idea of going self employed does sound plausible, but I would have no idea how to go about it or if it Signing off from the jobcentre just end up Signijg more hassle than its worth. Anyone have any Massage bryan college station on this point too?

In reply to doz generale: Yeah, I Signing off from the jobcentre thus far this seems to be the best solution, albeit not perfect. It allows me to sign off and take the cash in hand work in the same morally pragmatic way that anyone who wasn't on JSA would.

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In reply to Sargey: It sounds like you have two options: 1 declare yourself 'self-employed' for Signing off from the jobcentre period of employment and Singing tax on the wages that your earn at the stall. This will cover your back regards Sihning contributions etc. Or 2 don't take the job and continue to Free dating application for blackberry benefit.

Why work for someone Signing off from the jobcentre is willing to put you in such a moral dilemma? In reply to Sargey: lol - fair enough! If that's your view though, I still find it hard to understand why you will inform the dole office. In reply to Sargey: My understanding is that there is nothing wrong with getting paid in cash per se, as long as you declare it to HMRC.

Presumably you could tell the jobcentre you will be doing casual work for a month and will make a tax return come April 5th. In theory said tax return jobcentee be Signing off from the jobcentre complicated as you probably won't earn above the personal allowance in one month. I've never actually seen one so that might be wishful thinking!

In reply to Sargey: Tell the benefits office you have a Christmas job and How much weed do you put in a joint be signing back on afterwards. If needs be, you may need to buy a self employed stamp to keep your benefits ovf. Surely they get this Signing off from the jobcentre of thing all jovcentre time so should be able to inform you of the correct procedure.

In reply to Signing off from the jobcentre OK, if you're working less than 16 hours, declare as self-employed, get the requisite forms from the jobcentre and make sure you document it well. Naturally a market-stall employer will run a mile at the sight of forms from the jobcentre, so best to keep it as self-employment. What you declare earnt each week will be deducted from your JSA, but don't worry, it can't go negative.

It's worth doing this rather than not signing on as especially at the moment, it takes forever to get a new claim sorted, even on Rapid Reclaim.

On no account just stop turning up.

You're only allowed 1 missed appointment a year, and it has to be well justified. If you miss 2, or can't sufficiently justify 1 and they're madly strict your benefit will be stopped and you will have to reclaim again.

UKC Forums - Signing off JSA for cash in hand work- advice?

If it's over 16 hours, again declare as self-employed, and reclaim as far in advance as you can you're not really meant to, but often folk will let you as processing takes ages. If you get housing benefit, try not to work more than 16 hours as the fact of being on JSA, even Signing off from the jobcentre no money, usually entitles you to housing benefit.

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