The Million Dollar Photo

million dollar photo

Statement to Corporate America, limited edition of 1 priced at $1,000,000

The title of the post is not a mistake.  It’s also not a joke.  This work has received a considerable amount of attention in the art world and it is currently priced at one million dollars. Title of the work is “A Statement to Corporate America.” It is an edition of 1 at $1,000,000 or an edition of 2 at $500,000.

It is dedicated to Corporate America and it is a statement.  To qualify, not all corporations are bad.  In fact the world would not be a pleasant place to live without them.  However, too many have become too greedy and work to enslave all they can, it is to those the work is dedicated.  As for the price, the creators of the work decided that at the current rates paid to image creators by those this work is dedicated to, it is much better to not sell it at all than to compromise on price.

This photo was created as a tribute and a statement to the corporate attorneys who slip clauses into contracts, hidden in the fine print, that strip artists of their right to profit from their work and transfer it to themselves, to the political stooges who on behalf of the recording industry lobbyists slipped a clause into a totally unrelated bill stripping musicians of their copyright, without their knowledge or informed consent; the politicians who promise to help and then betray us; to the stock photo agencies who slashed royalties paid to less than a quarter per image… and then once they destroyed the stock houses that charged and paid fair prices, began to demand quality levels that can only be obtained by funding the costs of high production values. It is dedicated to the tech giants who have worked tirelessly to eliminate any last vestige of copyright protection for artists of all genres and claim ownership of the work for themselves. It is my statement to every client who calls me and asks me to work for free because of the “fantastic exposure” I will get being associated with their brand… to the magazines that now not only don’t pay for the content on which they profit, but ask artist to pay to submit to them…

Without the work of the artist, the the tech giants would have no clients…. their devices would have nothing to display. Magazines would look empty and boring with blank pages or just text. A text only ad campaign “our jeans are high quality” will sell no jeans.

You know who you are. You know what I have said is true. This photo is dedicated to you. Take a bow. You have done your job well.

I know the price of this work is high, but I think one of you will feel owning a photo that is dedicated to your hard work is worth every penny of it.

This will be printed on your choice of materials and framed according to your desire. I recommend printing it on a brushed aluminum surface.

This is also available through Saatchi Art.


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