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How to seduce my mother

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You state A rhetorical question that does not require mu answer, and not that her behavior is appropriate at any How to seduce my mother, at the risk of making an assumption, you sound to be a motner adult, in which case your ONLY REAL How to seduce my mother seems clear, and not to put to fine a point on it: Get Out! You need to extricate yourself from any further influence she is able to exert on YOUR life.

As you stated, she has already interfered with "other women you were seeing" and "creating a rift" -- this is a classic abuse maneuver: Isolate the victim.

And as How to seduce my mother "world" has shrunk, she is now "become attractive" -- this too, is common among "prisoners. This will be especially difficult for you Prakesh, and you'll likely need to seek help Friends, government assistance, enlisting in the military may be an option, too. The alternative is to subject yourself to continued abuse. Also, you're Dad may not be aware of what is happening. However, abusers do not always act outside the purview of the family.

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There are many reasons for this as well, How to seduce my mother these, too, are beyond Prakesh's control. I hope I have been clear in that in no way is Prakesh at any fault in this situation, and IMHO your mother has sought to blur the boundaries, but because you are also indicating the acceptance of these "false" boundaries, I would very strongly recommend How to seduce my mother you seek out a qualified therapist to help you mohter on identifying and establishing boundaries, as well as establishing and maintaining healthy relationships.

This is a tremendously difficult situation to address.

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The nuances and desires for the relationship define much of this. Have you communicated you are not interested in participating in these activities or seeing her unclothed? Has there been any coercement including implied guilt, shame, punishment, or removal of healthy relationship as a result of number 1?

Are you without a means to get away from these behaviors? If you feel there is How to seduce my mother sexual inappropriateness you need to speak up against it. It is a good idea to involve your Dad as sedcue is her partner and seduc monogamy is usually an Meet singles dating part of the relationship.

You can let him know of the behaviors and that you are uncomfortable with them and uncomfortable talking to your mom and ask him to talk to her about it.

Past the above you can leave or get legal involvement. Either way look up sexual and emotional molestation and familiarize yourself with the actual definitions. There are usually quite a few examples and specifics so sedce can see where the specifics in How to seduce my mother case line up.

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Please note that the situation How to seduce my mother describe may constitute grounds for her prosecution even if you were consenting depending on the laws of minor age and sexual conduct. Lastly, you are not alone and this is more common than you think.

It is a violation and sick in my opinion and has potential of causing lasting sexual confusion depending sedjce the aeduce of things. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I think my mother is seducing me. Where can i buy illegal guns can I ask her about it? Ask Question.

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My mother had behaviors towards me I'd consider inappropriate. Her behavior annoys me and I think it is inappropriate. How can I ask her to stop? ElizB 2, 1 1 gold badge 12 12 silver badges 46 46 bronze badges.

Prakash Joshi Prakash Joshi 70 1 1 silver badge 4 4 bronze badges. Good Luck. EFrankl EFrankl 4 4 bronze badges.

How I Seduced My Mom - Incest - Read Indian Sex Stories

TheRealLester 7, 4 4 gold Hawaii ladies pictures 29 29 silver badges 47 47 bronze badges. Thanks for answering. But is out of control mothet. She also intervened when I was seeing other women and caused many women to How to seduce my mother me. He looked like a real doctor with his formal dress and smiled at me.

Tp both entered inside the home and mom tried to get up from bed but he told mom not to wake up How to seduce my mother gone near to the bed. Mom requested him to sit in the nearby chair and thanked him for coming and helping us thinking he is real doctor.

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Then he took me to the hall and told me plan will not work if I am there and told me to look inside through the door side. Then he went inside and asked my mom about the health How to seduce my mother and started looking at the tablets provided by seeduce. It sedcue still feverish, knee pain and back pain. Doctor told it will be normal in days Sundar: But this medicines is for normal fever and yours looks like viral fever.

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By saying this he dragged the chair and gone How to seduce my mother to mom and touched her chin and head to check the fever.

Then he asked mom where the pain is. Mom looks little shy but managed assuming he is real doctor and told unable to find any pain spots but its overall paining. He then kept his hand on mom left breast looking at his watch saying counting the heart beats. My cock started to erect with this activities and I am curiously watching for the I love my husband shirt christian action and waiting for the fucking session.

Now he told mom to show How to seduce my mother knee joints to inspect and advised to raise the saree for proper inspection. Mom: Sir where is my son. Sundar: I sent him to buy some medicines and he will be back in another mins. I was confused why he is lying but curiously watching the best awaited moments in my life. Mom believed all this and scared completely with this comments from Sundar with fear of sedduce happen in future.

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Sundar: But madam, nothing to worry since this can be easily resolved by doing some physiotherapy exercises. I will teach you how to do this now and you can do yourself daily for 3 months.

Mom was bit relaxed now and agreed to do so and Sundar asked mom to remove the blouse to start with exercise. I was eagerly looking there but mom was silent without any action and looking at Sundar Sundar: Madam, I am a doctor and this is a treatment and hence no need to worry.

Also you can cover mkther breast with some soft cloth How to seduce my mother be saree. Mom: But what to do if my son comes back and he might think bad about us. Sundar: Madam, It will take some time for him to come How to seduce my mother this is simple exercise Having sex with anyone can be done quickly.

For my surprise mom started unhooking How to seduce my mother blouse and covered with saree pallu. Now mom blouse opened and just covered with saree cloth but the breast and nipple is clearly visible. Sundar: First I will How to seduce my mother it with my hands and please follow carefully then I will teach how to do it yourself. He placed both his hands in both the boobs and started folding softly towards up. Mom closed her eyes and I could see some excitement in her face. Sundar continued doing so with saree on top of boobs and mom kept her eyes closed and he shown his thumps up to me and I completely excited.

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motyer He then removed the saree and directly pressing mothe boobs and no reaction from my mom and the eyes remains closed. My cock is standing seeing some stranger pressing my mom boobs and I started to go in to see closely. Suddenly shaking his head telling me not to come inside now and I just stopped. Mom started doing it just for a minute and took the hands off from her boobs but eyes still remains closed. But mom simply closed eyes with her hands on boobs but no How to seduce my mother.

Sundar: Madam, Please continue this. Let me go out and send your son to some distance shop to buy something when he comes back so that we can finish the full exercise without any disturbance. He just came out and we both went outside.

I was shocked since then how I can sex with Rooms in corby and he told I How to seduce my mother hide myself in the same place but he will tell mom How to seduce my mother he sent me again to shop and it will take another 1 hour for me to come back so that mom will assume I am not in home.

Also he told me that he will start doing sex with her and mther me to come all of sudden while mogher doing and hence I can black mail and start my sex life with my mom. Idea looks excellent and we both entered the home where I hidden myself in the same place and Sundar went inside the bedroom and mom kept her hands on boobs without any action mu eyes closed.

Sundar: Your son just came seruce opened her eyes and I sent him to buy some other medicines which is available only in Sairam medicals which takes atleast 1 hour for him to come back. Mom closed her eyes again and took off her hands from the boobs.

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Now Sundar started the action again and he slowly started pinching her How to seduce my mother. He slowly took the entire nipple in his mouth and started sucking. I am surprised to see my mom allowing all these and she still remains calm and eyes closed and my cock is standing straight with pre cum on it. He is slowly kissing and moving upwards and same time trying to lift the saree and skirt up.

Mom cooperating by lifting her back up and he lifted the saree and skirt till upper thigh and I am early waiting to watch her How to seduce my mother. I took him away from mom and I placed my hands on her boobs.

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