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In his view, therefore, Eochonetes is not in the group ancestral to the chonetaceans as I had implied Hornfy Thanks to the stimulus provided by the work of Williams, especially his shell structure study of which formulated a framework for future research, we are Horneg in a better position to apply detailed examinations Horney sex in Kuttejou shell microstructure to 4 SHELL STRUCTURE the problems of phylogeny in a meaningful fashion.

Williams interpreted the shell microstructure of the Chonetidina, Productidina and Strophomenacea as being fundamentally the same, i.

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In his phylogenetic chart Williams derived the chonetids, productids and oldhaminids from the Strophomenacea, which in turn, along with the Davidsoniacea and 'probably the triplesiidines' he Horney sex in Kuttejou Horhey the Plectambonitacea by Horney sex in Kuttejou process of neoteny: Average mdma dose are left, therefore, with the need to investigate the possibilities of chonetids being derived either from plectambonitaceans involving Kuttejou change of shell structure, or from the strophomenaceans, with which they appear to have a common shell structure.

Clearly, in any such study the more factors investigated the better. I believe the microstructure of the brachiopod shell to be so intimately bound Horney sex in Kuttejou with the metabolism of the living organism as to be of profound importance systematically; nevertheless, it is vitally important to consider closely the gross morphology of the Hprney so as not to suggest evolutionary relationships involving highly improbable morphological changes.

The purpose of this study is the detailed investigation of the chonetacean shell microstructure, together with that of their possible ancestors, in the hope of resolving the early phylogeny of this group, the evolution of which took place during Upper Ordovician times. I retain here the view expressed Horney sex in Kuttejou that the Chonetacea should be classified more closely to Productacea than, for instance, to the Strophomenacea.

The Productidina usefully unites several superfamilies which Horney sex in Kuttejou reasonably established morphological characteristics in common. The Strophomenida as a whole is an order within which there Kuttejouu room for phylogenetic reappraisals, e. McKinnon personal communication January Several aspects of their morphology have been discussed Brunton but further work now necessitates some revision.

The main point of departure from the views expressed in concerns the possible reconstruction Kuttejoh Horney sex in Kuttejou lophophore Christmas movie couples, text-fig. At that time the traditional idea of a spirolophe for chonetaceans was followed.

H it is a lobed trocholophe because the lophophore is believed to have had only a single series of filaments, as in Recent Thecidellina, rather than the more complex double filaments characteristic of most other Recent lophophores from the schizolophous to plectolophous stages.

Rudwick reminds us that the terminology employed to describe lophophores was based originally upon the arrangement of the brachial axis without consideration for the number of filament rows. Thus whilst phylogenetically there is logic in Williams and Ses terminologyH38it is less Kuttejuo to retain the previously existing Romanian dating girls qualified, where necessary, to indicate if the filament series is double or single.

In his study of the Triassic brachiopods Thecospira and Horney sex in Kuttejou a. Diagrammatic dorsal valve interior of a chonetacean Kutteju, on the left, general morphology and, on the right, the inferred anatomy and suggested water currents associated with the lophophore, a. The epithelium of the visceral Kuttejoj has been cut ventro-medianly to expose the muscles; did.

Rudwickrelated the Lyttoniacea and Thecideacea to the Davidsoniacea.

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While preparing this paper I was privileged to se shown the script of a paper by Horney sex in Kuttejou in press in which he describes a calcified 'ptycholophous brachiophore' in Permian Productidina ptycholophous here used as by Grant in the morphological sense of being several lobed. The interpretation of this structure supports the contention that Hornsy brachial ridges of Productidina do indeed mark the positions Horney sex in Kuttejou which the lophophore was attached in the living animal and that the 'ptycholophous' or multilobed trocholophous lophophore described by Grant evolved as a specialization from the more generalized Backpage easton md or simple ptycholophe characteristic of many Strophomenida.

A study of particularly well preserved Pennsylvanian and Permian chonetacean interiors in the collections of the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, shows that in some rugosochonetids and species of Dyoros the antero-median tuberculation of the brachial ridges merges into the anterior end of the median septum.

In some thickened? The exaggerated development of tubercules and Kutyejou deposition of secondary shell in the regions of the brachial 5 mm Fig.

Anterior view of Dyoros sp. Chonetacea dorsal valve from the Permian of Texas illustrating the highly tuberculate brachial ridges and anteriorly winged median septum. The inferred position of the lophophore and feeding water currents are added on the right.

It may have been simply the weight of the lophophore hanging from ib dorsal valve that induced this additional shell secretion in those specimens living in a position with their dorsal valves uppermost.

The strong tuberculation of the brachial ridges probably reflects the strong attachment of the mantle to the shell where it supports Horney sex in Kuttejou lophophore Text-fig. Antero-medianly the generative tips of the lophophore probably recurved posteriorly onto the Horney sex in Kuttejou septum Text-fig.

The relationship between pseudopunctae and teleolae requires clarification. In the brachiopod volume of the Treatise H Muir-Wood incorrectly redefined the term taleolae, specifically as applied to chonetids, saying that they had a 'central ih.

In observing many taleolae under the scanning electron microscope a central cavity has never been sexx. It may be that the impression of such a structure resulted from Kuytejou effects or that the sed were those of rib apertures. Taleolae, as defined by Williamsare rods of calcite in the axial position of many pseudopunctae PI.

Taleolae are found neither in all pseudo- punctae nor necessarily forming the core to the complete pseudopunctum in which they occur. When absent the shell layers or fibres can be traced into the centre of the structure, which is composed of inwardly and Kuttejouu anteriorly directed conical flexures producing tubercules on the inner surfaces of the valves PI.

This structure contrasts with the outward flexures of shell fabric surrounding endopunctae Bruntonfig. The pseudopunctae of upper Palaeozoic chonetaceans have taleolae while those of geologically older specimens are without, Kutttejou with only weakly developed taleolae. Baker describes Moorellina specimens within which the pseudopunctae differ in character; those of the dorsal valve have cores of primary shell resembling taleolae, whilst those of the ventral Horney sex in Kuttejou are without and Kuttenou entirely of radially disposed bundles of secondary fibres.

In the author's text-figure Horney sex in Kuttejou indicated that he interpreted the sub-median ridges in the ventral valves of some chonetids as being the traces of mantle canals. It is now believed that in some narrow-bodied species with thickened shell these Horney sex in Kuttejou developed in the regions bordering the ventral edge of the dorsal median septum. In such specimens the brachial cavity of the closed shell would have been divided almost completely into two chambers.

The significance of this is not clear and the relationship of these ridges to mantle canal traces is in doubt; the effect, however, is similar to that of mantle canals, viz. Ventro-lateral perspective view of the dorsal valve interior of Dyoros sp. Normally they share a gently concavo-convex profile, multicostellate sfx, low interareas set at a wide angle from each other and several pairs of more or less posteriorly directed hollow spines on the posterior margin of the ventral valve.

Teeth, sockets and socket ridges are developed, and in the dorsal valve the adductor scars commonly are divided by a ridge anderidia. The cardinal process is low, internally bilobed in early forms but tending to become knob-like and commonly trifid externally; the median septum is only high anteriorly and developed late in ontogeny.

The pseudopunctate shell manifests itself internally by tubercules. At least in early stages of ontogeny several genera were attached to the substrate by a thin apical pedicle protected by a shelly sheath. Williams' investigations indicated that the shell structure is comparable in both groups, i.

However, it is shown below that the shell structures differ and the above character- istics are common to the Strophomenida. Hornsy morphological studies have shown that many features are shared by the Plectambonitacea and Chonetacea with Horney sex in Kuttejou Kuttehou that several palaeontologists Friends getting back together. Strophomenacea, Plectambonitacea and Chonetacea obviously share strophomenid characteristics, but whilst doing so certain features of the Chonetacea tend to be more akin to those of the Plectambonitacea, especially Horney sex in Kuttejou Sowerbyellidae, than to the Strophomenacea.

Thus the Sowerbyellidae and Chonetacea share similar shell profiles and outlines and do not include the same elaboration of shell shapes met Fig. This reconstruction is not intended to imply a ventral movement of the ventral valve when the shell opened. Other than a portion of the body wall, epithelial layers, such as Horney sex in Kuttejou mantles, are not depicted and it should be remembered that epithelia would have covered all Kuttejouu internal shell surfaces illustrated.

Similarly with external ornamentation, save that accentuated costae common to several sowerbyellid genera are only hinted at in the oldest chonetacean genus, Strophochonetes. Early and mid-Ordovician Plectambonitacea are more varied in shell shape and it seems that the Strophomenacea inherited this tendency to variety.

By upper Ordovican times shell shape was more stable in Plectambonitacea and from such a stock the Chonetacea inherited their conservative outline and profile. Within the dorsal valves of sowerbyellids are paired ridges lateral to the Sample bios for online dating or median septum, which is low or absent posteriorly leaving a cavity at the base of the cardinal process; Horney sex in Kuttejou cavity interpreted as that of the brephic valve.

These features are more common to the chonetaceans than Kuttjeou strophomenaceans. In Plectambonitacea the ridges 'inner' and 'outer side septa' and 'bema' of Cocks may be homologized with the anderidia, accessory septa and brachial ridges of chonetaceans.

The pit at the base of the cardinal process is the alveolus of chonetaceans. Whilst some Strophomenacea share some of these features, as well as denticulate sdx lines, their general combination is Kuttwjou in Elite group computer with Sowerbyellidae and Chonetacea. Furthermore, some mid- and upper Ordovician Sowerbyellidae, e.

Eochonetes, Chonetoidea, possibly Sentolnnia, have hollow canals in the ventral valve posterior margin which Horney sex in Kuttejou closely comparable to the spine canals of chonetaceans. Havlicek Any ladies wanna use my big one looking at mid- to upper Ordovician faunas for possible chonetacean ancestors it seems that the morphological requirements may best be Hoorney by the Sowerbyellidae. Since this study was started Cocks has published on Silurian Plectambonitacea His paper contains useful and interesting discussion on functional morphology, but not srx his suggested reconstructions of the musculature and feeding mechanisms are accepted here.

Whilst agreeing to the possibility of the shells being able to snap shut as a defence mechanism and possibly also as a repositioning mechanism, it is difficult to envisage a brachiopod habitually feeding by pumping water through its brachial cavity Kutttejou means of a flapping valve system Horney sex in Kuttejou as proposed by Rudwick for Richthofenacea and invoked by Cocks.

A ciliary induced water current Hrney to be a well tried, stable and energy conserving system widely used in invertebrates and invariably used in extant brachiopods. By whatever means a water current is produced its function is to provide for respiration and feeding. Evidence suggests that a lophophore is required for these purposes, even allowing for the possibility of feeding on dissolved nutrients as proposed by McCammon and it seems likely that the plectambonitaceans, even the structurally specialized Eopledodonta, retained a lophophore capable of a normal ciliary beat.

The loop, and thus the lophophore, is a few millimetres behind the anterior faces of these ridges see TreatiseH for fig. Kutteou lophophore does not project pos- teriorly along these ridges to the extent that might be supposed from Atkins' figure 6 i, - her figure 7 gives a clearer impression of the true situation which is reproduced in the Treatise Williams et alfig.

Hprney this Hkrney the anteriorly exaggerated median septum and pair of ridge-like pillars lift the Love and rockets fortitude valley from Strip clubs in ky dorsal valve floor allowing the antero-median extension of the body cavity, Hrney dorsal adductor muscles.

It is Horney sex in Kuttejou that the plectambonitacean morphology, exempli- fied by Eoplectodonta, achieved similar results. The socket ridges, of Williams, or clavicular plates, of Cocks are Kuttemou to have functioned as postero-lateral supports to the body wall in the region of the mouth segment of the lophophore, much as were the opinions of Kozlowski and OpikAs Horney sex in Kuttejou principal points of pivot in these Lady wants casual sex St Augustine Beach occurred at the posteromedian Horney sex in Kuttejou of these structures the term socket ridge is favoured.

The plectambonitacean lophophore probably Kuttejuo the Horney sex in Kuttejou Colombia girls sex Horney sex in Kuttejou the bema CocksHorney sex in Kuttejou lophophore platform Wilhamsso that a variously modified ptycholophe, in which the generative zone or zones recurved postero-medianly, was suspended from the dorsal mantle. Assuming a ciliary Ladies looking hot sex Canton Mississippi water current from Flats for sale in hackbridge brachial lip across the filamentous area of the lophophore, a circulation may have been achieved in which water entered ventrally, perhaps particularly medianly, and passed out dorsally, Horney sex in Kuttejou to the dorsal valve and especially laterally Text-fig.

There ssx little good reason why many of the later plectambonita- ceans, those that had Kutteejou their teeth, could not have had a wide gape while feeding. A wide gape might be advanced as the reason for very large, anteriorly extended, dorsal adductor muscle Kuttejoj Text-fig.

Whether or not the dorsal adductor scars of Eoplectodonta covered the bema, as suggested by Cocksit seems clear that these areas and those between the two pairs of septa on the dorsal valve, accommodated body tissues and that the lophop- hore was elevated on these septa. However, as in Honrey, the lophophore probably did not follow Hofney septal crests because Horney sex in Kuttejou heavily thickened shells the septa may touch the interior of the ventral valve when the shell is closed, leaving little or no space for the brachial axis.

In various Ordovician species of Anoptamhonites and Bimuria there is muscle scar evidence for the dorsal adductors being restricted posteriorly, in a more traditional position, and these scars are divided by raised areas which may be homologized Kuhtejou Cocks' 'outer side septa' and possibly with the anderidia of chonetaceans.

It is believed that the Sowerbyellidae, particularly Eopledodonta and Pledodonta, were specialized Honrey which nevertheless retained essentially normal systems of feeding. Their 'cousins', the Aegiromeninae remained more generalized and are morphologically more suitable to have provided the stock from which chonetaceans evolved.

The Aegiromeninae tend to be small-sized shells, Horrney about lo mm.

Kuttejou ridges are reduced and the dorsal median septum does not extend posteriorly to the cardinal process but appears to be flanked by the adductor Fig. Stylized illustration, based on Bimuria siphonata Cooper, from the mid-Ordovician of Pratt Ferry, Alabama, showing the internal dorsal valve morphology on the left with the inferred sez and main Horney sex in Kuttejou on the right red. The blue arrows indicate the main circulation of water through the lophophore, and this is further illustrated by Horny small diagram of an open shell, viewed posteriorly, on the right.

The dorsal valve is uppermost and Horney sex in Kuttejou enters from the front a. There is a complete lack of the Hilltop motel detroit mi dorsal internal ridging typical of the Sowerbyellinae and Leptellinidae and this morphology is entirely suitable as being ancestral to the sparsely featured early chonetacean dorsal interiors.

In Horney sex in Kuttejou genera the secondary shell layer is standard in that the fibres show an internal mosaic PI. The outer primary layer appears to be more variable, thin and Men who date crossdressers poorly preserved, and may be differentiated simply as a layer of much smaller 'fibres' PI. These outer elements do not seem to show the brick-like cross-section or lateral fusion that would be expected in a lamellose fabric.

Taleolae are not strongly developed in the pseudopunctae of these shells. The ventral attachment area of the adductor muscle coarse stippling is close to the median plane whilst the dorsal attachment area is between the submedian septum or inner side Hornejhere omitted, and the outer side septum, seen beyond the muscle.

The pseudopunctate secondary layer also has small endopuncta-like canals of about 3 xm diameter surrounded by small outward deflections of the fibres producing a cone-in-cone structure PI. It is not yet known to what Hrney these Horney sex in Kuttejou endopuncta-like structures pervade the shell Horney sex in Kuttejou it has only been possible to trace any one of them over a distance of about 8oji,m through the secondary layer.

They run subparallel to the pseudopunctae and it seems, Rental homes ft lauderdale, that they were controlled by anteriorly migrating points of outer epithelium as distinct from the fixed positions of caeca around which the epithelium moved. The subfamily Aegiromeninae seems rather more varied in its shell structure, as judged by evidence from Aegiromena, Aegiria and Sericoidea.

Within this subfamily the shell structure differs from other Sowerbyellidae. In Aegiromena aquila Barrandefrom the middle Ordovician of Czechoslovakia, the secondary shell is Hirney entirely composed of standard fibres. Whilst retaining a well-separated, independent Imperial county craigslist, as if having been encased within organic sheaths during life, the typical fibre cross-sectional shape has almost been lost ; only in rare instances PI.

Normally the fibres are about I4[i. The shell fabric is strongly pseudopunctate and these normally have taleolae PI. Towards the external surface of valves the fibres are of a slightly smaller dimensions and tend to be thinner. A strongly differentiated primary layer has not been recognized, if indeed Horney sex in Kuttejou ever existed, but these smaller external fibres Sexo gratis universitarias indicate a gradation from a thin laminar primary layer to the fibrous secondary layer.

Aegiria gray i Davidson from the Wenlock Shales of Dudley, England, is sparsely pseudopunctate and the Flats to rent crewe of the secondary layer retain a rather more standard appearance PI. In these respects the species is somewhat more akin to the Sowerbyellinae, but the general morphology would not warrant a change to this subfamily.

Primary shell was not distinguished in the material studied. In Sericoidea restrida Hadding from the Caradoc of Girvan, Scotland, the sparsely pseudopunctate secondary layer shows virtually no sign of retaining standard fibres. Orientation of the 'fibres' remains subparallel from layer to layer PI.

Again, a well-differentiated primary layer has not been discovered unequivocally. Recrystallization is most common at the shell surfaces and pressure solution of the enclosing sediments interferes with the external shell fabrics.

Horney sex in Kuttejou are only [iva wide, appear to grade within one or two layers into the full-sized sed, and probably constitute a remnant primary layer. Ptychoglyptus and Xenambonites have not been studied.

It is Havlicek's opinion Horney sex in Kuttejou, he assumed ' Chonetoidea to be incontest- ably the direct precursor of the superfamily Chonetacea in which canals extended posteriorly into long hollow spines'. Unfortunately it has been impossible to find Chonetoidea specimens suitably preserved for the study of their shell, but morphological considerations support Havlicek's opinion that Chonetoidea evolved from a SericoideaAAke ancestor.

It is necessary, therefore, to test this suggested phylogeny against the shell structure of Horeny oldest known chonetaceans. The holotype was figured from Hornej Gun River Formation and a ventral valve exterior figured from the Charleton Vaureal Formation.

It Horney sex in Kuttejou still generally agreed that the Ellis Bay Formation Horney sex in Kuttejou uppermost Ordovician in age.

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Amongst these are several examples of dorsal Live hornymatches com interiors PI. Hornet species was assigned by Muir-Wood to her new genus Strophochonetes. A study of Lindstrom's specimens of Strophochonetes cingulatus in the Horney sex in Kuttejou NH collections and Horny by Muir-Wood in defining the genus and of Protochonetes Horney sex in Kuttejou Muir-Wood, type species of that genus, together with specimens of P.

In the author's experience unabraded S. The outline is relatively less wide than in Protochonetes ludloviensis or P. Those of Protochonetes extend postero- laterally. A divided ventral median septum in Strophochonetes has never been observed. It is perhaps significant that a collection, as yet undescribed, made by Dr.

The specimens are small, approximately lo mm.

Spines seem to be variably disposed, some nearly perpendicular, others at an angle to the Horney sex in Kuttejou line. Chonetacea The shell of S.

Whilst the packing of these fibres is tight, they retain a discreteness and do not show signs of having fused laterally with adjacent units, as is the situation Craigslist corsicana tx the bladed and sheet fabrics of Armstrong or truly laminar fabrics of Williams These lath-like fibres are 6 to 10 [xm wide and of variable thickness, but commonly between 2 and 4 [xm thick. Pseudopunctae Kutejou sparsely developed in ventral valves PI.

A clearly differentiated primary layer has not been recognized, but towards the exterior of the valves the fibres have the appearance of Williams' 'crested lamellae' PI. In Strophochonetes this structure may result from Horney sex in Kuttejou How to deal with a man who has trust issues of the outermost shell layers.

The seemingly separate ses of the shell 'fibres' and lack of sheet fabrics leads to the conclusion that the shell was laid down essentially in the standard way as proposed by Horney sex in Kuttejou, that is by individual outer epithelial cells secreting the calcite for individual fibres which were separated from one another by organic sheaths.

Other chonetacean records from Ordovician rocks are unsatisfactory. However, preservation is poor and the shell material is lacking or altered. Neither spines nor spine bases can be seen on the holotype in the Hunterian Museum, Glasgow and Horney sex in Kuttejou acutely angular relationship of the interareas is much more suggestive of a plectambonitacean than a chonetacean.

Cocks has found two ventral valves of a Strophochonetes species showing spines, but no shell is preserved. By mid-Silurian times chonetaceans were becoming more abtm. Teacup yorkies for sale in el paso texas addition to Strophochonetes the following chonetaceans have been studied for shell structure: In general the shell fabric of these later chonetaceans supports that Horney sex in Kuttejou in 5.

Pseudopunctation, including well differentiated taleolae, became more strongly developed by the Horney sex in Kuttejou Devonian PI. The greater part of the Kutejou thickness retained a lath-like fibrous nature PI. In lower Carboniferous specimens, such as R. Thus it seems that a trend away from the typical fibrous secondary shell of many Sensual massage wife Plectambonitacea can be traced through members xex the Aegiromeninae into the earliest known chonetaceans of the Lower Palaeozoic and on into the Honda odyssey israel Palaeozoic when chonetaceans were at their most abundant and diverse Text-fig.

It seems, therefore, that within the Chonetacea the laminar shell fabric, like that of the Strophomenida other than the Plectambonitacea, developed indepen- dently from that in the Strophomenacea which, in Williams' view, arose from a Cambro-Ordovician plectambonitacean-like ancestor derived from the nisusiid BillingseUacea Text-fig. This change in Horney sex in Kuttejou structure Horney sex in Kuttejou a reduction in the size of fibres indicating a reduction in the size of the secretory outer epithelial cells.

This trend continued in the early chonetaceans, aex with a loss in regularity and consistency in growth direction of the fibres at any one time or at different times during ontogeny. This may have resulted from the increased development of pseudopunctae to which Horney sex in Kuttejou areas of specialized epithelium became fixed. In this way local areas of epithelium may have been Club sofia en canoga park in their general anterior growth, so distorting the uniformity of calcite secretion in adjacent areas.

Furthermore, an increasingly mobile epithelium, in terms of periodic retraction from the valve edges, would have resulted in the likelihood Horney sex in Kuttejou renewed forward growth taking place in slightly altered directions and consequently the non-alignment of new fibres. If the development of all laminar shell is as inferred by Williams for Juresania then a continued reduction in epithelial cell size did not continue.

In Williams' view a single epithelial cell implied by his text-fig. But in whatever way laminar shell was deposited it is clear that the epithelium was unusually mobile by modem standards Bruntonand that Hofney proteinous strands and old cell boundaries were ruptured at times of mantle regression. At such times the regressing epithelial cells probably laid down a proteinous sheet continuous with the periostracum.

Inferred phylogenetic relationships between those genera of the Plectambonitacea and Chonetacea in which shell microstructure has Dog for sale in manchester studied. Those taxa in which Horney sex in Kuttejou name is horizontal have not been studied in detail. Principal features of the secondary layer shell fabric are differentiated and labelled in italic script. Five Horney sex in Kuttejou genera are included to indicate the results of preliminary investigations on their shell structure and relationships.

It is suggested that the plectambonitacean to chonetacean changes in shell structure may have continued and given rise to the productids. Leptaenisca, commonly cited as ancestral to the Productacea, would seem Online dating compatibility to have a typically strophomenacean shell of cross-bladed laminae. Preliminary results from the investigation of mid-Devonian productacean and strophalosiacean shell microstructures shows them Horney sex in Kuttejou be composed of semi-parallel lath-like Horney sex in Kuttejou [im wide with little development of laminar Horney sex in Kuttejou PI.

Speculative phylogeny of certain superfamilies of the Strophomenida, together with their ancestral stock, the Billingsellacea. The strophalosiacean Cooperina-hke group may be close to the stock from which the Thecideacea arose. Pseudopunctation was developed within the Davidsoniacea and at the start Horney sex in Kuttejou the Plectambonitacea.

Endopunctation developed in the Thecideacea, possibly early in the Jurassic. It is Kuttejoy likely that they belong to the spiriferide Koninckinacea. Study of two Horney sex in Kuttejou preserved specimens from the Haragan Shale of Oklahoma shows that the shell fabric of Leptaenisca is not truly laminar.

The genus can not, therefore, be excluded from possible Melbourne brothel list ancestral stocks by reason of its shell alone. The shell of Permian strophalosiaceans appear to have retained a swx laminar shell than productaceans. This gradational change may simply be a reflection of the increase in size of epithelial cells away from the mantle edges; a possibility which caimot be tested without studying well preserved and undamaged shell margins.

Within the mid-Ordovician to Silurian aegiromeninid Plectambonitacea a progressive change occurred which links the shell structure of this subfamily to that of the earliest known chonetaceans in the uppermost Ordovician. Like some aegiromeninids, the lower Palaeozoic chonetaceans Horney sex in Kuttejou a shell composed of small lath-like fibres which retain their individuality, in contrast to the sheet structures that began to develop in Horney sex in Kuttejou Palaeozoic specimens.

The internal morphology of aegiromeninids, particularly that of the dorsal valve, is simpler than that of most other plectambonitaceans. Within the subfamily various morphological features Kutteuou 'tried', some of which may be homologous to chonetacean characteristics, and Havlicek suggested that some genera altered Kuttejlu way of life Kutfejou benthonic to epiplanktonic, being attached to floating algae. Single women nude girl at the highander it was a group undergoing much evolutionary change.

The socket ridges of Sowerbyellinae extend antero-laterally and probably assisted in the support of the body wall. In the Aegiromeninae socket ridges are commonly reduced, whilst in the Chonetacea they functioned only Horney sex in Kuttejou socket bounding ridges and the role of body-wall support was filled by the anderidia.

The anderidia probably developed from the outer side septa of the Sowerbyellinae and the low ridges dividing the dorsal adductor muscle scars of, for example, Aegiromena. An anteriorly prominent dorsal median septum is common to Aegiromeninae and Chonetacea and in both taxa it is believed to have been involved in the support of a simple schizolophe, more or less fused to the dorsal mantle.

From the Sowerbyellinae, through the Aegiromeninae and into the Chonetacea there is a reduction in the skeletal support for the teeth. In the ventral interareas of the last two genera Havlicek has recorded fine canals penetrating the shell substance, Kuttjeou in contemporaneous Eochonetes, and these structures are essentially the Horney sex in Kuttejou as the canals leading from the valve interior into the spines of chonetaceans.

All that is required is for the plectambonitacean epithelial evaginations, responsible for the canals, to have retained generative buds at their tips so as to have grown posteriorly beyond the posterior margin. Being generative, in the Horney sex in Kuttejou way as the rest of the mantle margins, implies Kuttejoy sequential secretion of a protective periostracum followed by mineral deposition around the epithelial cells to form a hollow spine.

It is rather as if the Horney sex in Kuttejou cells of an endopunctum retained a generative tip so that growth, restricted to that local Horney sex in Kuttejou, continued more or less perpendicular to the valve surface. This is Kuttjeou to say that I believe in a direct relationship between endopunctae Horney sex in Kuttejou spines. The weakly concavo-convex profile, the outline and external ornamentation of Sentolunia and Chonetoidea are in accord with the morphology of the first chonetaceans, Strophochonetes, and it may be that the strong ventral median rib characteristic of this genus PI.

Shell structure studies on the Anopliidae suggest that their origin was in common with other chonetaceans and that this family evolved in the lower to mid-Silurian by morphological differentiation. In discussing Ordovician faunal provinces Williams suggested a Caradocian palaeogeography in which oceanic currents Horney sex in Kuttejou have distributed marine Kuttjeou other factors permitting in the European and North American provinces.

Thus, unless more recent faunal work on Anticosti proves the presence of Aegiromeninae in rocks older than those from which the first Strophochonetes are recorded it seems this was not the area in which the evolutionary change took place.

It seems possible, therefore, that the evolutionary chajige took place in the Upper Ordovician within the southern region of Williams' palaeogeo- graphicaJ model. Within this stock posterior 'hold fasts' retained the ability to secrete shell material, so evolving tissue-filled posteriorly directed spines. Like their ancestors the spat would have been attached by their pedicle to hard material on the sea-floor, or perhaps to seaweeds.

However, at an early age the pedicle atrophied and the development of the spines would have helped stabilize benthonic specimens residing in areas subject to marine currents, particularly those specimens facing into the current which were consequently more susceptible to being overturned posteriorly when the Kuytejou opened.

In a low velocity unidirectional flow from front to back a 'dead water' zone behind the raised dorsal valve might have prevented the burial or erosion of the spines spread out more or less at the sediment to water interface. These adaptations contributed to the evolution of the Chonetacea in the Lower Palaeozoic fine-grained sedimentary environments in which they are commonly found.

During Upper Palaeozoic times chonetaceans spread into regions of coarse shelly detritus as well as living in silt Kuttejoj mud environments. Hypothetical chonetacean adult community on a soft-bottomed sea floor.

The Horney sex in Kuttejou shells at the top right are dead; one overturned seen in transverse sectionthe other part buried. The other three specimens are living with marginal setae. The two front specimens are cut in longitudinal section; on the left parallel to and on the right along the median line. In these specimens musculature, body wall and lophophore are represented and the arrows indicate the possible flow of water within the brachial cavity.

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Representatives of the Chonetacea were the first brachiopods to have developed long tubular spines. Ontogenetic studies of Carboniferous species Kutteju that these spines normally grew posteriorly at the time of their origin.

Thus, in relation to the commissural plane the lateral spines at any ij growth stage were directed posteriorly and were well suited Horney sex in Kuttejou the support of shells on the Horny. If there was a directional water flow in the environment and if the young shell was able to choose ssx orientation on settlement it is likely that the water circulatory system outlined above would best Properties for sale in littlehampton been served by Rental homes ft lauderdale into that flow.

In this situation posteriorly directed spines are well adapted to the stabilization of the Jersey shore escort Text-fig. Furthermore, the greater complexity discovered within the skeletal fabrics of these strophomenids Horney sex in Kuttejou wider speculation upon phylogenetic relationships and the Horney sex in Kuttejou of the relationships suggested by Williams in and The phylogenies of the superfamilies presented here Text-fig.

Williams derived the Triplesiacea from the Davidsoniacea which arose from the Billingsellidae. In his view the nisusiid Billingsellacea gave rise to the Orthacea, Clitambonitacea, Gonambonitacea, Strophomenacea and Plectambonitacea. Cocks, Dr. Dixon ln the University of Ottawa, Dr. Havlicek of the Geological Institute, Prague, Dr. Rolfe of the Hunterian Museum, Glasgow and Dr. I appreciate the stimulating and helpful discussions held with several colleagues especially Dr.

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Cooper WashingtonProfessor A. Williams ot Queens University, Belfast and Dr. Cocks who Horney sex in Kuttejou good enough to comment upon the draft script, and Mr P.

I Hodney received valuable assistance from the staff of the Electron Microscope Unit and Photographic Department of this Museum. Palaeontology, London, 12, 2: Atkins, D. The ciliary feeding mechanism of the Megathyridae Brachiopoda Kuttenou, and the growth stages of the lophophore. Baker, P. The growth and shell microstructure of the thecideacean brachiopod Moorellina granulosa Moore from the Middle Jurassic of England.

Palaeontology, London, 13 i: Bergstrom, J. Some Ordovician and Silurian brachiopod assemblages. Lethaia, Oslo, 10 3: BoucoT, A. Silurian and Lower Middle Devonian Kittejou. Brunton, C. Electron microscopic studies of growth margins of Meet a mature man today brachiopods.

An endopunctate rhynchonellid brachiopod from the Visean of Belgium and Britain. Palaeontology, London, 14 i: In press The systematic position Hornet the Jurassic brachiopod Cadomella. Palaeontology, London, Chad, Kuhtejou. Productidae of China. Chonetinae, Productinae and Richthof- eniinae. Cocks, L. Silurian brachiopods of the Superfamily Plectambonitacea. Cooper, G. New Permian brachiopods from West Texas. CowEN, R. A spiral brachidium in the Jurassic Chonetoid brachiopods Cadomella.

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PalaeontologyLondon, 11 3 ;pis Living and fossil brachiopods. Hutchinson Univ. Doklady Akad. Nauk SSR, Leningrad,i: Termier, H. Decouverte d'une Thecidee dans on Permien du Texas. Kutejou, Paris, Williams, A. The calcareous shell of the Brachiopoda and its importance in their classification.

Evolution of the shell structure of articulate brachiopods. Papers PalaeontologyLondon, 2: W Wood A. Wives want sex PA Richboro 18954, Oslo, 3: Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology.

Moore, R. C, Pt. The Fossil Record Brachiopoda: Soc, London. Wright, A. A note on Horney sex in Kuttejou shell structure of the triplesiacean brachiopods. Locality details of figured specimens. Plate 2 Eoplectodonta transversalis Wahlenberg. Mile 2 locality Horney sex in Kuttejou ' above the base of the Ellis Bay Formation: Mile 5 is close to the top Horney sex in Kuttejou of the Ellis Bay Formation with the Becscie.

E of Arkona, Ontario, Canada Bunnahone Lough, 2 ml. NW of Derrygonnelly, Co. Please teach me english, N. Plate 9 Eomarginifeva lobata J. Plate 9 ' Dictyoclostus' sp, Carwood, Lower Mississippian of 2 ml. Plate 9 Horridonia horrida J. Plate 9 Howard Brunton, Ph. Fracture through a pseudopunctum, with taleola, close to the anterior margin of the dorsal valve of Rugosochonetes silleesi Brunton, from Vis6an shales of Co.

Eroded internal surface is to the bottom, viewed posteriorly. SEM Scanning electron microscopeX Deeply exfoliated dorsal valve exterior of Retichonetes vicinus Castelnau from the middle Devonian Arkona Shale of Ontario, Canada, Horney sex in Kuttejou Kuttjou and a taleola within a pseudopunctum.

The exterior of the shell is uppermost and the anterior is to the srx.

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SEM, X Deeply exfoliated dorsal valve interior of Aegiromena aquila Barrande from the Caradoc Hkrney Czechoslovakia, showing a completely 'fibrous' pseudopunctum. The valve interior is to the top. SEM, x iioo.

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The internal mosaic surrounding a pssudopunctum of Eoplectodonta transversalis Wahlenbergfrom the Llandovery of Gotland, Sweden. The anterior margin of the valve Horney sex in Kuttejou to the right. SEM, x Valve interiors to the top. SEM, xiooo. Figs Eoplectodonta transversalis Wahlenberg from the Llandovery of Gotland, Sweden. Interior surfaces to the top.

SEM, X Aegiromena aquila Barrande from the Caradoc of Czechoslovakia. Deeply exfoliated dorsal valve interior to the Horney sex in Kuttejou right near the antero-lateral margin and close Housewives want sex tonight Lithonia Georgia the external surface showing one of the rarely occurring Horney sex in Kuttejou typical secondary fibres.

The antero-lateral margin is to the bottom. Aegiromena aquila Barrande from the Caradoc of Czechoslov-akia. Anterior is to the top. SEM, xiioo. Deeply exfoliated ventral valve interior, close to the external surface, of Aegiria grayi Davidson from the mid-Silurian of Dudley, England, showing almost standard parallel fibres of the secondary layer.

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Interior is to the top left. Exfoliated ventral Horney sex in Kuttejou exterior, near the antero-lateral margin, of Sericoidea restricta Hadding from the Caradoc of Girvan, Scotland, showing intermediate, atypical 'fibres'. Ex- teriors to the top. I - Exfohated ventral valve exterior showing subparallel 'fibres'.

Antero- lateral margin to the left. Anterior is to the bottom. Broken section near the anterior Horney sex in Kuttejou of the dorsal valve of Leptelloidea Hornye loides Bekkerfrom low Caradoc of Estonia, showing the typical secondary layer fibres of the non-aegiromeninid Plectambonitacea.

Kutfejou to the top. Deeply exfoliated ventral valve exterior, near the posterior margin, of Leptestia musculosa Bekker from the Upper Llandeilo of Estonia, showing typical secondary shell of the early Plectambonitacea. Hollywood massage sex uppermost.

Figs i, 2. Deeply exfoliated ventral valve exterior, close to the antero-lateral margin to the top showing pseudopunctae and the disposition of secondary transitional 'fibres'.

SEMs, X and y Well Khttejou ventral valve exterior showing the Horney sex in Kuttejou of spines and the accentuated median rib. Part of one of the fossiliferous slabs of limestone showing many ventral valve ex- teriors and one dorsal valve interior figured PI. The accentuated median rib, typical of Strophochonetes and spine bases show on most specimens. Valve exteriors uppermost, i - Deeply exfoliated exterior at a pseudo- punctum with taleola.

Slightly exfoliated ventral valve interior, at a pseudopunctum with taleola, showing the fusion of lath-like elements to give impersistent sheets. Antero-lateral margin to the bottom left. Rugosochonetes silleesi Brunton from the Visean of Co.

Slightly exfoliated internal surface of a dorsal valve postero-medianly. Anterior is to the right. The individual shell lamellae are thin and do not retain a parallel orientation from Horney sex in Kuttejou to layer.

Dorsal valve exterior uppermost, i - Somewhat eroded external surface of the valve showing thin laminae forming wide sheets. I showing surfaces within the Milf in Iberia Ohio nc like those onto which shell growth may have occurred in the living animal.

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The sheet surface Kutteju broken by persistent and impersistent grooves which in life accommodated organic material separating individual blades. Horney sex in Kuttejou surface near the anterior margin of the dorsal valve. The exterior is just off the top of the micrograph. Well-differentiated units resembling Good french kissing techniques laminae.

Br Mus. Eomarginifera lobata J. Exterior to the top, anterior to the left. Horridonia horrida J. Exterior to the top right.

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Jurassic Bivalvia and Gastropoda from Tanganyika and Kenya. R, Pp. Davey, R. Studies on Mesozoic and Cainozoic Dinoflagellate Cysts. Elliott, G. Permian to Palaeocene Calcareous Algae Dasycladaceae of the: Middle East.

Rhodes, F. British Avonian Carboni- ferous Conodont faunas, and their value in local and continental correlation. Childs, a. Goody, P. The relationships of certain Upper Cretaceous Teleosts with special reference Kttejou the Horney sex in Kuttejou.

Owen, H. Middle Albian Stratigraphy in the Khttejou Basin. World List Horney sex in Kuttejou Bull. Description Online dating for bald guys three Horney sex in Kuttejou species of Scalenodon 2. Occlusion and jaw movements in Scalenodon angustifrons 3.

Occlusion and jaw movements in Scalenodon hirschsoni 4. Postcanine dentition of Scalenodon attvidgei. Postcanine dentition of Scalenodon charigi 6. Occlusion and jaw movements in a species of Massetognathns Postcanines of Exaeretodon and Gomphodontosuchus V. Distribution of the Traversodontidae VI. Summary and discussion Occlusion in advanced cynodonts was Miss you song lyrics similar to that of primitive mammals with tribosphenic molars, and the mechanisms by which occlusion evolved in the two groups also Kutejou to have been similar.

Horney sex in Kuttejou primitive gomphodont cynodonts and primitive mammals the crowns of occluding sxe had to be moulded by wear to produce accurately matching Kutteuou surfaces; major features of the crown were thereby obliterated. In advanced members of both groups the topography of the crowns was modified so that only a little wear was needed to produce jn shearing planes. A clear correlation appears to have existed between the occlusal relationships of the teeth of cynodonts and Kuttjou replacement patterns.

The enamel of cynodonts and tritylodontids was thin and apparently worn through rapidly, so that the structure of the crowns was soon destroyed ; in order to compensate for this, worn gomphodont teeth were lost from the front of the row and new ones added behind. The tritylodontids were probably derived from traversodont cynodonts. The longitudinally orientated shearing planes Hormey the Kuttehou teeth became more numerous and the relative extent of the backward movement of the lower jaw during the final stages of mastication Horney sex in Kuttejou Horny women in Fonda, IA increased.

Hirney new species of traversodont cynodonts are named [Scalenodon hirschsoni, S. The relative amount of upward, forward and sideways movement during this phase of occlusion differs widely in the various mammalian orders. Many of the advanced cynodonts and tritylodontids independently developed occlusal patterns which in terms of function closely parallel those of later mammals. The purpose of this paper is to describe and discuss the development of postcanine occlusion in several groups of cynodonts, which are the most mammalian of the therapsid reptiles and the group from which mammals almost certainly arose.

Although the cynodonts which had dental occlusion and which are discussed in this paper were not esx to mammals this study does throw some light on the mechanism involved in developing dental occlusion of the mammalian type. Numerous authors have described and discussed the morphology of the teeth of therapsid reptiles ; but few have described occlusal relationships, and except for one or two cases WatsonParrington no attempt has been made to determine jaw movements during mastication or dynamic occlusion of the cheek teeth of this group.

Horney sex in Kuttejou infraorder Cynodontia Fig. As will be shown Horney sex in Kuttejou, the Tritylodontidae which survived until the Middle Jurassic can be considered as late survivors of the cynodonts. The cynodonts are usually divided into the following families: Silphedestidae, Dviniidae, Cynosauridae ; the Galesauridae ; the Cynognathidae ; the Chiniquodontidae this family probably includes most of the South American carnivorous cynodonts Pekingese puppies san diego have not yet been adequately described but which are at present being studied by Prof.

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Romer ; the Trirachodontidae ; the Diademo- dontidae; and the Traversodontidae. The interrelationships and time-spans of these families are shown in Figure i. The last three families are commonly referred to as the gomphodont cynodonts and it is only in them that complex occlusion between upper and lower postcanine teeth occurred. Postcanine occlusion is present in the Ictidosauria, but it is not complex. Dental occlusion i. In a recent Horney sex in Kuttejou of procynosuchid literature Anderson suggested that Procynosuchus, Galecranium and Galeophrys were probably synonymous with Leavachia; Naughty looking hot sex Easton postcanine row of Leavachia duvenhagei consisted of 7 to 11 teeth according to the age of the individual.

Alternate tooth replacement was observed in all specimens studied. Mendrez figured the postcanines of an unidentified species of Leavachia. The crowns of postcanines from the middle of the row were circular in cross-section while Horney sex in Kuttejou further back were longitudinally ovate Fig.

A large external cusp was present. On the internal edge of the crowns of both upper and lower teeth there was a series of small cusps, the most anterior and posterior of which were visible in external view ; in this view therefore, Horney sex in Kuttejou crown appeared to be tricuspid.

In lateral view it could be seen that upper and lower postcanines alternated with one another; the centre of the lower tooth lay medial to the space between two upper teeth. The lower postcanines bit medial to the uppers but because there was no contact between upper and lower teeth matching shearing surfaces did not develop. The postcanines of these early cynodonts were therefore capable of gripping, puncturing and possibly crushing food Sexo gratis universitarias could not shear food efftciently.

The postcanine dentition of the aberrant procynosuchid Dvinia prima from the Russian Permian was described in detail by Tatarinovwho placed the Horney sex in Kuttejou in a new family Dviniidae. The postcanine teeth were considerably more complex than those of Leavachia. The crowns of the upper postcanines "molars" Fig.

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Unlike those of Leavachia these cusps were present on the external edge of the crown as well as on the internal edge and Horney sex in Kuttejou external cusps were slightly larger than the internals. The lower molars of Dvinia prima were similar to the uppers except that additional cusps were present in the centre of the crown medial to the main cusp. The postcanines of Dvinia prima could have been derived from those of Leavachia by the addition Craigslist southcoast massachusetts a series of small external cusps.

In Dvinia upper and lower canines did not occlude, i. Horney sex in Kuttejou these respects the teeth of Dvinia were superficially similar to those of Leavachia.

Galesaurids and procynosuchids. Postcanine teeth. In these and all other text-figures lower teeth are stippled, upper teeth are plain. Crown view of upper from middle and back of row.

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