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Lady Johane Harimann is the matriarch of the noble Harimann family of Kirkwall. Sebastian Vael enlists Fuci Harriman girl aid of Hawke in visiting the Harimann Estate after he discoveres that Lady Harimann was behind the murder of his parents and brothers.

Inside the estate, the Harimanns Fuci Harriman girl shown to be behaving very oddly, which Sebastian comments is Fci out of character. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Background Edit.

This section contains spoilers for: Dragon Age II. Lady Harimann was the mastermind behind the assassination of the Vaelsthe ruling family of Starkhaven. Lady Johane is a potent mage, and took control Fuci Harriman girl the Harimann family following her father 's death.

She murdered the Vaels long-time friends of the Harimanns in order to further her Hqrriman family's power. She placed Goran Vael on the throne of Starkhaven, as she believed she could easily manipulate him. To solidify her hold, she Fuci Harriman girl to force her daughter, Florainto marriage with Goran.

In the caves which run beneath the Fuci Harriman girl, Lady Harimann is discovered convening with a Desire DemonAllure. It transpires that she unearthed the Demon while expanding the Estate and used her family, giving them to the desire demon in order to gain more power in an Harrimn to control Starkhaven.

She naively believed that she was strong enough to resist the demon but it subtly influenced her until all she could think of was seizing Starkhaven. Lady Johane attacks Hawke and Sebastian but is Harrikan and her family freed from Fuci Harriman girl demon's clutches. Retrieved from " https: Cancel Save.