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Best unique love songs

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Who said the first dance has to be a slow dance? This one is just begging for some surprise choreography to wow your guests.

So, if you really want your friends and family to get swept up in what you're feeling on this day, this song delivers. What I love about this song is how cinematic it feels.

Does this seem a little dark for a wedding? Want full on, no-holds-barred romance? Want to make sure everyone, including yourself, is bawling by the end of your first dance?

Pass the Kleenex. Any of these songs would make for a Houses for lease dallas texas first dance, but the key is to pick the one that speaks most to you, so that it can create an unforgettable moment between you and the person Best unique love songs love.

If you're looking for a playlist of unique love songswhich lofe Best unique love songs some ways understand the complications of your heart, then these 16 songs may be able songz do just that.

While some of these songs take a different songwriting approach to talk about the basics of love — the heartaches, the butterflies, and the unions, others discuss subjects not often commanded by your standard love song. Best unique love songs delving into the mundane nuances of loneliness, the power of emotional agency, or the anxiety of feeling fearful of falling for someone, these songs highlight some of the more uncharted musical territories of the heart in a special way.

Since its release in"Such Great Heights" remains an indie love classic. Whimsical, upbeat, and sorrowful all at once, this alt-pop triumph from is simultaneously perfect for every single intense phase Best unique love songs love — the ups and the downs.

It's absolutely gorgeous.

Taken from their Sports EP, "Curling" might not be the happiest of love songs, but it's Best unique love songs one of the most empowering. Perfect for playing at those times in a relationship when you're totally over itthe song proudly celebrates discovering the perspective and strength necessary to finally move the hell on from someone.

Smith wasn't exactly known for his love songs, but "Say Yes" stands out from the rest of his back catalogue as being his most uplifting and romantic track. Admittedly the '80s were so stacked with unique love songs that the era probably deserves its own playlist, but "The Killing Moon" is easily the best of its Best unique love songs from back then. Mystical, majestic, and almost unbearably poetic in its dark romanticism, the song is savage yet seductive.

The best part? It has a short duration, making it perfect for couples who want to get out of the spotlight ASAP. Our favourite line?

This slow but catchy dance song by Ellie Goulding is an ideal alternative first dance song choice for couples who love to party. Who could resist the delicious tones of The Lumineers?

Although no-one will be soongs this song choice, the lyrics are totally romantic and an ode to being deeply in love. January 25, at am.

Check out The Knot's picks of best love songs including country, rock and indie that you can include in your wedding playlist. Discover the best first dance songs that haven't been done to death? We've got 23 unique first dance wedding songs that you probably haven't heard at Throw it back with this '80s love song: "All I want is to hold you, let me. songs too. Enjoy our list of love songs in many music styles. Unique Love Songs List In Review Good Girl – Dustin Lynch.