Torn to Pieces, Limited Edition Conceptual Modern Art Portrait

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Torn to Pieces is a blend of traditional portraiture and abstract in an effort to show the depth of emotion that can be felt by an individual.  It is an edition of 25 and available in sizes up to 40 x 40 inches (larger in some cases).

More and more my work has become a blend of that which is “real” and that which is not. This has evolved into my own style which I call Modern Art Portraits.

Since reality is but that which we agree is real and that which we perceive, who is to say that each of us don’t see things a little differently?

From that perspective I believe my portraits are more in tune with actual reality than those that are simply photographs.

Contact us for a quote giving as much information as possible regarding the size, type of paper and framing desired.  Be sure to include the link to this page.

Perfect wall art for luxury homes and corporate art installations.

SoCal Art Gallery provides photographic artworks of exceptionally high quality for discerning individuals, curators, art buyers, interior designers, art consultants, architects and trade professionals as interior art for corporations, office buildings, healthcare, hospitality and residential environments.

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