The Small Boat – Fine Art Limited Edition Seascape

fine art landscape

The Small Boat is a limited edition fine art seascape that is guaranteed to increase the beauty of any room it is hung in dramatically with its tremendous spaciousness, soft pastel tones and misty quality. It is represented by both SoCal Art Gallery and Saatchi Art.

The Small Boat isn’t a statement of how small the boat is in relation to the universe.  It is a statement of how the boat is the center of a universe that extends for infinity from that point.  As as the elements of the universe came together at the beck of the photographer to create this delicately balanced image, so it does for those who keep their relationship with the universe in its correct perspective.

This artwork is 40 x 50 inches and can be printed on a variety of fine art papers.  We can arrange for custom framing to fit your decor.  It is an edition of 30, with the first print priced at $2920.00 including shipping.  Framing costs are additional. Contact us for a quote giving as much information as possible regarding the size, type of paper and framing desired.  Be sure to include the link to this page.

Perfect wall art for luxury homes and corporate art installations.

SoCal Art Gallery provides photographic artworks of exceptionally high quality for discerning individuals, curators, art buyers, interior designers, architects, art consultants and trade professionals as interior art for corporations, office buildings, healthcare, hospitality and residential environments.

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