Art Dealers

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“The Affair” limited edition fine art print. Copyright Mark Stout

SoCal Art Gallery and Mark Stout work with art dealers and art consultants in Los Angeles, and the world.  While all artworks are available through SoCal Art Gallery in Los Angeles, my work is also exhibited through a number of other galleries.  I also frequently honor requests from reputable fine art dealers to represent my work.

Much of the work available is not, nor will it ever be on the web.  I believe that fine art is created for those who can appreciate it.  And while it should be shared, it should be shared only with those the owner of the work chooses to reveal it to.  For this reason, the work I consider to be more personal, or work that is more revealing or provocative and prone to misuse by others is not place online.  Many of the galleries shown on this art gallery website contain additional images that are for private viewing only.  They can be made available for serious art collectors. Contact me for information on additional available art.

Note that watermarks are only placed on work that is online, not on the fine art prints.

Please contact me if you would like to represent my work.

Also see my sister site, Private Collection Corporate Art for work that is themed more toward corporate art, lobby decor and wall art for upscale homes and developments.  This collection of photography includes landscapes, scenics, and abstract art.  Art consultants, art dealers and interior designers have found it a valuable resource.